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Brooklyn Blonde

12-8-15BrooklynBlonde - HOG

Few things say fabulous than a fur or faux fur jacket. In this case, faux fur does the trick. Helena brings us a look straight out of the Express archives, and one that can be easily recreated. All black with a pop of Oxblood you say? Sure, I’m in. Having just announced that she is expecting her first child, she’s off to the races in a fashionable way. Simple faux leather trousers, paired with a black turtleneck provides a monochromatic look and the pop of color comes via her luxe looking Oxblood jacket. Gold accents via her YSl shoulder bag, and lust-worthy Chloe sunnies provide the finishing touches to a downtown-cool ensemble. I’m looking forward to seeing how she continues to adorn her growing bump.

In the meantime, if you can’t live without any of these pieces, you can find them all here


10-8-15 NiniStyle - HOG

It is my feeling that every woman should own a vibrant piece of red garment, be it a dress, suit, shorts, blazer. I imagine this color like black in the sense that it looks good on everyone but it does the exact opposite. Where as black can traditionally allow a person to blend in, red makes that individual stand out. it’s probably, in part one of the reasons that Louboutin does so well. Besides the beautiful design and craftsmanship of his shoes, the very visible and vibrant red-sole allows the wearer to be ever-present and in-view.

Nini of NiniStyle does a wonderful job of bringing this ribbed suit-set together. She is so petite that wearing the sweater off her shoulders is an easy look to attain. In fact, she makes this look all her own by doing just that and you feel like these pieces were made to be worn in that way. Looking at the original model, we can see that this isn’t the case. This fantastic backdrop was accessorized with a red pout, simple black wedges and fabulous sunnies to block any hater from sight. I don’t know about you, but I am quite taken with this look.

If you can imagine yourself recreating this fit, you will find the ensemble here.


12-8-15 SongofStyle - HOG

How about a little peek-a-boo this holiday season! If you’re afraid to let it all hang out (which we all should be to some degree), you can start small by playing with angles and proportions. For example Aimee of SongofStlye does a good job of showcasing slight hints of seduction but in a very non-vulgar way. The Self Portrait reign continues, this time instead of the usual dress it is in the form of a beautiful oxblood skirt. The skirt alone does the trick of providing slight hints of sexiness but the fully structured blazer adds sophistication and keeps the look classy. A black camisole would also work with this look; but Aimee decided to go more adventurous by using a black bra as her base showcasing a little more skin. I probably would have preferred the camisole but the black bra works depending on the occasion. Which would you go with?

Be sure to visit Aimee’s blog for all details and links to grabbing this outfit.

Blake VonD

12-8-15 BlakeVonD - HOG

New face on the blog today, but one that I am sure will be welcomed. It’s Blake of BlakeVonD, and if you’ve never heard of her now is the time to get acquainted. Simply put, she is here for this outfit, so let’s have a chat about how lovely it is. I chose this look because I think it is a perfect alternative for Holiday soiree’s. We usually stick to the reds, greens, and gold during the holiday but what a nice way to switch things up with these vibrant colors. A well tailored, simple collar shirt pulls the look together, and my favorite part would have to be those complementary earrings that are the perfect match to her full length skirt.

Unfortunately, the skirt appears to be sold out but you can get a similar skirt here. Be sure to hear over to BVD’s site for more inspiration.