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7-30-15Styleismything - HOG

More from Soraya today, and unlike the previous post in today’s Style Twin feature, this look we love. It is more in line with what we have come to expect style wise from the blogging starlet.

For starters, the colors are divine against her skin-tone. Those orange louboutin pumps do a great job in bringing out the matching color in her multi-colored MSGM skirt. It also makes the look more fun. A simple white button down shirt provides a classic pairing on the top half and the skirt is all party on the bottom.

I think it’s obligatory for Bloggers to have at-least one post with balloons. They are super fun and can sometimes add the right amount of color to an otherwise muted look. They do well in complementing Soraya’s overall look as we can see she matched the colors well.

If you are interested in shopping the skirt, you can do so here. Be sure to head over to StyleisMyThing for additional photos and details.

The Blonde Salad

7-30-15TheBlondeSalad - HOG

Singing… “Some girls have all the luck, Some girls get all the breaks” Rod Stewart

Oh to be able to wear the Dior Spring 2015 Couture collection, I would be elated. Unfortunately, though I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon unless there is a massive sale (highly unlikely), but hey, a girl can dream can’t she. I am not saddened but this though, especially when I can live vicariously though Chiara of  the Blonde Salad.

Here she is wearing the collection to yet another Dior presentation and she looks absolutely stunning. Why be a model on the runway when you can blow people’s mind with your street style?! Those boots are so captivating, they reigned supreme throughout this entire collection, in fact they even came in multiple colors. The cap sleeved white textured dress was the perfect neutral allowing the boots and their color to do the talking. The tiniest of purses worn cross body performed the best accessory adornment other than Chiara’s never-ending legs that is.

The collection does not appear to be for sale as yet, but if you are interested keep your eyes peeled to the Dior site. In the meantime head over to TheBlondeSalad to get more of Chiara’s style.


7-30-15BisousNatasha - HOG

How many of you are familiar with what a Batakali is? I had no idea myself before seeing it worn by Natasha. Apparently, this is distinctly apart of the Ghanian culture and is also worn by many men there. Considering this, it makes me appreciate Natasha’s ensemble all the more. I love the look and fell in deep like with the fit and print of the dress. I always like to learn about different cultures and understand how fashion is being interpreted in other parts of the world.

I especially like that Natasha took this piece and made it all her own. The gladiator sandals pumped up the sex appeal and also helped to modernize the look. Sleek straight locks provided the finishing touches to this laid-back chic look.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find these pieces anywhere but be sure to visit Natasha’s blog BisousNatasha if you are interested in purchasing pieces. She has promised to begin selling them.


7-30-15StyleTwin - HOG

Hey Again,

It’s so interesting how easy it has become to find bloggers wearing the same pieces. The shop-able features in every post makes it so easy for us all to garner details to a look in minutes and easily make the purchase. Thankfully too, or I wouldn’t be able to bring you posts like these. In today’s Style Twin feature, I bring you this beautiful Carven dress. It was worn by both Aimee of SongofStyle and Soraya of StyleisMyThing. I did not actually do a post on this dress because to be honest, I don’t really love it other than on the model. I think that overall Aimee did a good job in her styling of the dress and that it hung on her body well, probably because she is almost if not the same size as the model. Soraya on the other hand has a more rounded, womanly figure. As such, I thought that the dress was really ill-fitted on her in this very RARE case. Her boobs appear to be busting out at the seams of this dress and the fabric is pulling on her midriff area (see more pics here). I prefer her shoes with the dress but I would perhaps nix the hat in this case. It doesn’t seem to have a proper place in this look. With that being said, I would have to go with Aimee for the win on this look. What say you?

The Brooklyn Blonde

7-30-15TheBrooklynBlonde - HOG

The ladies are killing the accessories game right now! Makes me want to step my game up and I hope it does the same for you as well. Let’s face it, there is always room for us to improve our style. Alright, let’s get into it.

Helena showed up and showed out today in an understated but very noticeable way. She wore simple basics that we each probably own consisting of cut-off shorts, a striped T-shirt, and a black blazer to keep the look streamlined and structured. Her accessories though, they were the real MVP’s of this ensemble. Starting with her red Balenciaga Papier bag which gave the look a nice pop of color, you can’t see from this picture but she wore a beautiful YSL ring (pictured in the side by side above), and of-course those black Valentino studded flats. I mean can we say Lust worthy. Once again, a Top Knot was the order of the day, are you in agreement that this the perfect summer hairdo?

If you are interested in shopping these pieces, you can find the blazer here, and you can also checkout all of the other accessories at this recommended pre-owned luxury goods site. Be sure to check out more over at TheBrooklynBlonde.

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