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LifeinBeverlyHeels - HOG -6-26-15

Multicolored goodness. Shirt dresses are always a great option for summer. Here we have Beverly of LifeinBeverlyHeels wearing a rainbow inspired example. The colorful dress was quite enough to capture our attention, but what I am most taken with is the coordination of all the colors on her PVC shoulder bag, you can take an up close look here.

Simple loose curls, a “beat” face and single strap studded sandals provide the finishing touches to this summer look.

Unfortunately this dress is sold out but you can find similar options here.

Karla’s Closet

KarlasCloset - HOG - 6-26-15

To continuously be so bold! We can always count on Karla for such behavior. Have you ever had the idea to cut up a T-shirt and wear it like a cape? If yes, this is what it could potentially look like. Though I doubt we’d all be as successful in the execution.

Donning a very ladylike and beautifully constructed Rebecca Taylor skirt. Karla takes the opportunity to challenge the sweet girl expectation that comes with this piece. She successfully infuses her personality by adding a rebellious layer a la this cut-up T.

Boob baring, tattoo showcasing side view aside, I appreciate the originality and seeming nonchalance of this look. It is one thing to dare to be original, it’s another to be confident in that decision. Karla does so convincingly.

If you’re interested in shopping the shirt, you can find it on sale here. As for the top, well you’ll simple need a pair of scissors.


NoOrdinaryShe -HOG-6-26-15

Asymmetrical bombshell. The slightest adjustment/cut/shape can turn the most simple looks into one of the best outfits. Beauty is almost always found in both the details and irregularities of any piece. Here we have Ada of NoOrdinayShe illustrating a real life example. Picture this look with a regular pencil skirt, a simple black and white pencil skirt, actually I’ll do you one better, take a look here. Which look would you prefer? As for me, I would choose the above because the cut makes the look so much more interesting. Not to mention sultry. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the simple pencil skirt, but there’s nothing wonderful about it either.

I digress to the look on hand. A lacy tank and black and white blazer adorn the asymmetrical cut of this black and white skirt. Keeping the look monochromatic with a pop of red via the lips and simple white pumps to complete the winning look.

Have I got you sold on purchasing this skirt as yet? If yes, you can do so here.

Style Twin

Style Twin - White flare jeans

Let’s talk another Style Twin featuring these two lovely ladies, TheGirlFromPanama and Karla’s Closet. Flared jeans will probably continue to be around for the rest of the year and 7-For-All-Mankind has a great selection. So much so that these two ladies fell in love with their White pairs.

This is a tough one to decide because I adore the styling on each of them. On the one hand TheGirlFromPanama’s look is more daytime friendly and very on trend with the crop top pairing. While Karla’s styling seems more appropriate for a dinner, I am sure my opinion is also influenced by the lighting on each photo as well. Nonetheless, since I have to pick a winner I would go with Karla because I love the night time look and the understated sultriness.

What say you?

Something Navy

SomethingNavy - HOG-6-25-15

Can we say popular brand of the week? Cameo is certainly making light waves in the blogger community as of late. Also, is it me or does it feel like Australian brands are becoming increasingly more popular? I wore the blue version of this dress here, and Arielle of SomethingNavy beautifully donned this version in her latest post. I think it’s safe to say that I’m in good company. Other than loving the Coral color, I am smitten with the easy, breezy styling of the overall look. I’m sure the cool summer vibe brought a ton of adoration and praise from fans and strangers alike.

If you are interested in shopping the look you can do so here and here.

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