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8-12-15BambisArmoire - HOG

Wide brimmed hats are the rave at the moment. Perfect for summer and an easy transition into Fall. I love this light pink option presented by Tosha of Bambi’sArmoire. The entire ensemble is fit for a chilly summer day pre Fall! I am having a bit of blogger envy as I attempted to purchase those awesome pink brogues from Zara. Unfortunately, they did not have them in my size. Todha nailer this laid back ensemble and I look forward to recreating similar looks in the fall.

As I mentioned, the Zara shoes are sold out but you can find a similar top here.


7-30-15GaryPepperCrop - HOG

The girl that keeps on giving! Here’s Nicole in another great summer ensemble. The colors are the perfect pairing for a subdued afternoon stroll. It’s all very Hampton’s/Parisian chic, and it just so happens that Nicole was in Paris when she snapped these photos.

The white cropped top was the perfect pairing with this houndsouth skirt.

If you’re interested in shopping the crop top you can do so here! You can also find the original skirt here, or see other option here.


8-12-15TheHautePursuit - HOG

Cargo bomber jackets! In short: YOU should get one! Bomber jackets are having quite the moment and making a resurgence into the fashion world. TheHautePursuit showcases hers while wearing a beautiful summer friendly midi length dress. The dual textured dress appears to keep her cool during this summer heat while the bomber jacket adds the “cool” factor to the overall vibe.

Love the length of the dress and the simultaneous ease of these pieces paired together.

If you’re interested in shopping her dress you can purchase here. Be sure to head over to her blog for more inspiration

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