IMG_2626Hi Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my personal style blog, HintofGlamour. I have been wanting to create my own blog for a long time now and am so happy that I finally took the time to do it.  But more importantly, that I am able to discuss and share with you fine people.

Lets see what can I say about myself? Well first off, my name is Alicia, pronounced (Ali-C-uh) and I work in Digital Advertising.

Fashion has been a love since I can remember.  Clothing has always been candy for my eyes and I am in constant awe of the workmanship that goes into it and just how fun clothes can be. From an early age, I realized that the first thing anyone ever notices about you is your appearance, through clothing you can decide to be anyone you want to be. It’s the opportunity to be an actor without being an actor and who wants to study lines anyway 🙂 Dress the part of whomever you desire to be that day, and Who’s gonna stop you? Who can tell you differently?

Everything that I know about life I have  learned from my family and friends, and here at “hintofglamour” you can expect to have all of that learned information passed on to you through a visual diary of my wardrobe, make-up tips, hair tips, manicures/nail maintenance tips, and knowledge of head to toe body regimens. I intend to share all of that and then some in the hope that we will converse about it and trade stories about our experiences.

I encourage your feedback and would love to hear from you, so please don’t be shy. Stop by and drop a line!

Thanks so much for visiting, stay a while and be sure to come back soon!